Састанак са шефом делегације Европске уније

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05.11.2019. - 16:51

Meeting with the Head of Delegation of the European Union

President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić met today with the Head of Delegation of the European Union Sem Fabrizi to discuss the European integrations and continuation of the EU facilitated dialogue with Priština.

President Vučić emphasised that Serbia remains committed to the regional cooperation and added that in this context the Ohrid meeting to be held this weekend will strive to define the priorities of cooperation aimed at the economic strengthening of the region. 
President Vučić pointed out that Serbia needs to continue with its European path and that the Union's support is therefore very important not only in the implementation of reforms but also in the issues of regional cooperation. 
Ambassador Fabrizi expressed full support to Serbia on its path to the European Union and stressed the importance of continuation of the process of reforms, especially in the domain of the rule of law. 
Ambassador Fabrici iterated the importance of providing the climate suitable for the fast continuation of negotiations with Priština within the EU facilitated dialogue and the soonest conclusion of a legally binding agreement on normalisation. 
The two interlocutors also tackled the most important issues of environmental protection as well as measures and activities Serbia will apply to solve these concerns in the future. 
President Vučić expressed his interest in the EU projects in the field of environmental protection. Ambassador Fabrizi presented the new programme of the European Commission, the so-called "Green Deal" wherewith the European Union seeks to establish new priorities in the direction of even higher standards of environmental protection and fight against climate changes. Ambassador Fabrizi stressed the importance for Serbia in increasing its efforts in environmental protection until its accession to the EU and offered further assistance in this area, including the support in the solution of air-pollution in Belgrade.  
This cooperation will be additionally observed in the coming period as a continuation of the Air Quality Strategy currently developed by Serbia with the support of the European Union. 
Belgrade, 5th November 2019

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