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17.07.2019. - 12:59

President Vučić meets the Commander of the United States European Command

President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić received earlier today the NATO's Supreme Allied Commander Europe and Commander of the United States European Command General Tod Wolters, and expressed his satisfaction with the good cooperation with NATO which develops in line with respect of the military neutrality of Serbia.

President Vučić emphasised that the NATO-led international peacekeeping forces in Kosovo and Metohija serve as a guarantee for the safety of the Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija. That is why he requested that the Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces may at any moment get in touch with the KFOR Commander and at the same time accepted that the main command of our Army remains available for communication with KFOR. „Good communication between KFOR and the Serbian Armed Forces is vital for prevention of any crisis situation in Kosovo and Metohija without delay. This renders a guarantee for the safety of Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija", said President Vučić.
General Wolters accepted the permanence of communication at any moment and without delay, as it is important for the maintenance of stability in the region as one of the pillars of global stability. He affirmed that KFOR will keep fulfilling its obligations in Kosovo and Metohija responsibly and commended President Vučić for his engaged, wise and calm reactions in crisis situations in Kosovo and Metohija. General Wolters upheld the efforts Serbia advances in preservation of stability and in extending of cooperation across the region.
President Vučić added that cooperation between the Serbian Armed Forces and NATO within the Partnership for Peace programme remains in the common interest and expressed his hope that it will be improved aimed at building up the capacities for contribution to the international peace. In that respect, President Vučić pointed out that a new cycle of the Individual Partnership Action Plans has been accorded.
17th July 2019

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