Председник Вучић састао се са председницом Савета за дуално образовање Швајцарске Урсулом Рејнолд.

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23.10.2019. - 12:55

President Vučić meets the Head of the Swiss Dual Education Council of Switzerland

President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić met earlier today with the Head of the Swiss Dual Education Council Ursula Renold.

President Vučić said that the cooperation in the field of education represents one of the most important segments of the already good bilateral relations between Serbia and Switzerland and particularly emphasised that development of dual education remains one of the strategic objectives of the Government of the Republic of Serbia to enable further decrease of unemployment rate, reaching of sustainable development of our economy, prevention of professional human resources' drain and preparation of the young people for work in the best companies in Serbia. 
President Vučić conveyed his gratitude for the assistance provided so far and for the cooperation in this area and added that Serbia considers Switzerland as a country with one of the best educational systems and that for this reason we seek to apply its model of dual education and adjust it to our conditions. He also thanked for the aid of the Swiss Government in the amount of 8 million of Swiss franks aimed at implementation of the project "Education to Employment (E2E)" in the municipalities of Knjaževac, Kragujevac, Kruševac, Novi Pazar and Pirot, which facilitated the easier employment of young people. 
Head of the Council Renold commended the work of all institutions engaged in the implementation of the dual system in Serbia and thanked President Vučić for his personal engagement on this issue. 
At the meeting, it was agreed that a conference will be held in December this year in Belgrade outlining the participation of over one thousand companies, where all the benefits of dual education will be presented along with the availability of qualified personnel for further development of the overall economy of Serbia. 
Belgrade, 23rd October 2019

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