Састанак са регионалном директорком Светске банке за Западни Балкан, Европу и Централну Азију

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26.12.2019. - 12:50

Meeting with the World Bank Regional Director for Western Balkans, Europe and Central Asia

President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić met earlier today with the regional World Bank Director for Western Balkans, Europe and Central Asia, Linda Van Gelder.

As announced at a recent meeting with Regional Director Van Gelder, President Vučić kept the continuity of talks with the World Bank to proceed with the necessary structural reforms.
“The objective of these reforms is to sustainably increase GDP of the Republic of Serbia over the next five-year period at the annual level of 4-6 per cent. Our current growth of 4 per cent is remarkable for regional circumstances, but Serbia is able to continue this tendency and to reach a 6 per cent growth next year," said President Vučić, adding that in this context the World Bank support remains to be of exceptional importance.
The World Bank representatives reiterated that successfully implemented reforms in the Republic of Serbia have yielded excellent results, and that fiscal consolidation measures have also created the base for further accelerated growth of the Serbian economy.
The interlocutors agreed that Serbia should continue the reform process towards the further development of the financial market with the creation of new financial instruments for financing small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurship.
They also discussed the reform of public companies, as well as improving the work of the National Employment Service with the further development of active employment measures
"Steps have been proposed to improve competitiveness in various fields. Serbia is becoming increasingly competitive, not only because of its responsible approach to the budget and investors but also because of its comprehensive management of the infrastructure needed for further investments," said President Vučić, emphasising that Serbia remains committed to implementing reforms, especially in the area of legislation.
Representatives of the World Bank particularly commended the new legislative framework in the field of public investments, public procurement, state funding and dual education.
All of the above, according to Linda Van Gelder, will provide a better investment and business environment, as well as sustainable and stable economic growth of the Republic of Serbia.
Belgrade, 26th December 2019

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