22.04.2013 - 15:30

President Nikolic decorates Patrick Besson

BELGRADE - Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic presented French writer Patrick Besson with the Order of the Serbian flag, third class, for special contribution to the development and strengthening of friendly relations between Serbia and France.

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07.04.2013 - 00:00

Serbia in safe hands

BELGRADE - Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic said on Sunday that the stands of Serbia's top officials on the agreement with Pristina will be known on Monday, noting that there will be a unanimous position, and that despite the difficulties facing Serbia, citizens should be sure that Serbia is in safe hands.

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21.03.2013 - 13:35

Capability analysis of the Serbian Armed Forces in 2012. completed.

At the regular annual analysis of operational and functional capabilities of the Serbian Armed Forces in 2012, which has been held at the House of Guard in Topcider today, it was assessed that the security situation in Serbia is stable.

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19.03.2013 - 11:27

President Nikolic with U.S. Vice President Joseph Bide

BELGRADE - Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic stated on Monday, after the talks with U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden, that the information arriving in Washington did not correspond to the situation in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue and that the progress made in the dialogue was not being assessed correctly.

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18.03.2013 - 16:11

Serbia deserves accession talks date

BELGRADE – Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic told European Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fuele on Monday that Serbia rightfully believes it deserves to get a starting date for accession talks with the EU.

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13.03.2013 - 13:09

President Nikolic to Belarus businessmen: Invest in Serbia

MINSK - Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic called Wednesday on Belarus businessmen to make investments in Serbia, adding that he is the guarantor of the safety of their investments.

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12.03.2013 - 17:37

Serbia and Belarus to further cooperation

MINSK - Serbia and Belarus will attempt to build a foundation for much stronger cooperation than they have had in the past, presidents of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko and Serbia Tomislav Nikolic said Tuesday.

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11.03.2013 - 17:40

Pristina has relented, agreement close

BRUSSELS - Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic said late on Monday that Pristina has relented on the issue of powers to be held by an association of Serb municipalities in Kosovo-Metohija and expressed the hope that Belgrade and Pristina will sign an agreement over the next ten days or so.

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15.02.2013 - 22:23

The Statehood Day of Serbia.

BELGRADE - Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic stated on Friday that the most important task is to preserve Serbia within its borders, and underscored that he was elected to protect the country respecting the Constitution fully and conscientiously.

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07.02.2013 - 00:00

President Nikolic in official visit to Azerbaijan

BAKU - Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic Thursday arrived in Baku, where will have meetings with Azerbaijan's most senior officials over the next two days.

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