15.12.2015 - 15:22

St. Sava Church is our Noah’s Ark

The Society for the Construction of the Church of Saint Sava celebrated 120 years of existence Monday, and Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic said on the occasion that the commitment to building the St. Sava Church, that unique common house for all, was a commitment to Serbia, and therefore a task for all time.

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30.11.2015 - 15:20

Climate change, extremism require global response

The horrific terror that swept across Paris recently and extremism are one of the biggest threats to all countries of the world and that is why this requires a global response, as does climate change, Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic said at the Paris UN Climate Conference Monday.

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12.09.2015 - 15:42

VS is strong guarantor of national interests

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic has said at the graduation ceremony for the male and female cadets of the 136th class of the Military Academy and of the 1st class of the Medical Faculty of the Military and Medical Academy (VMA) that the Serbian military would remain a strong and resolute guarantor for the protection of national interests.

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01.07.2015 - 00:00

Thank you for showing that we have future

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic on Wednesday received the Serbian medallists at the first European Games in Baku, thanking them for the fighting spirit and commitment shown.

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15.06.2015 - 00:00

Serbia-BiH relations do not depend on indictments

Relations between Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) cannot be based on legal proceedings launched against individuals who committed war crimes, Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic stated on Monday at a meeting with Ranko Skrbic, the outgoing BiH ambassador in Belgrade.

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01.06.2015 - 17:48

Serbia values peace more than anything else

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic said during a visit to the Ground Safety Zone (KZB) Monday that Serbia was ready to respond to any security challenge and valued peace more than anything else.

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25.05.2015 - 16:36

Traditional friendship and trust

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic and his Italian counterpart Sergio Mattarella agreed in Belgrade on Monday that the two countries' relations are characterized by mutual trust and friendship.

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20.05.2015 - 14:23

Cuba supports Serbia's territorial integrity

Cuba will continue to support Serbia in its efforts to preserve its territorial integrity and sovereignty, Cuban President Raul Castro said on Wednesday during a meeting with his Serbian counterpart Tomislav Nikolic.

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23.04.2015 - 18:28

Takovo Uprising and Serbian Armed Forces Day

Serbia annually commemorates certain wartime events from the days of its struggle for survival, and these struggles were fought 15 and 626 years ago alike. Such a destiny is intended for us, but we have been carrying our cross with more dignity than many bigger and more powerful ones. In the very same place, two centuries ago, 426 years after the Battle of Kosovo, the Serbs rose up in rebellion which brought the sorely wanted liberty. Rebels were led by Milos Obrenovic, who uttered a sentence that went down in history: “Here I am, there you are! War to the Turks!”

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24.03.2015 - 00:00

Serbia defended international law

ALEKSINAC - Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic laid a wreath on Tuesday at the monument to the victims of NATO bombing in Aleksinac, and stressed that by defending itself in 1999, Serbia also defended the law and justice, the international laws and institutions.

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